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The Avani Cimcon Advantage

20+ years of experience in providing Tech Solutions & Consulting

  • 25+ years of software development experience
  • Clients in over 70 countries
  • Modular and configurable solutions customized for industry verticals
  • Proven execution capabilities with a strong technology focus
  • Ongoing investments in solutions for upgradation and research
  • Process driven with Effective and Efficient delivery mechanisms
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Challenges with using Multiple Systems/Data Sources

As the no of IT systems deployed by your business increase, so does the cost of integration and maintenance. Lack of a centralized integration solution can hamper your business growth thus:

  • Higher Costs

    Point-to-point integrations can lead to higher implmentation, maintenance and compliance costs and effort
  • Siloed Data

    Critical business data is hidden in siloes and is inaccessible when you need it to make informed business decisions
  • Lack of Scalability

    Manual integrations are cumbersome & cannot handle complex integration workflows on a large scale
  • Poor Customer Experience

    Lack of unified data makes it difficult to deliver seamless & personalied experiences
  • Inability to Innovate

    It becomes difficult to build & launch new solutions fast enough to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • Hardware Bottlenecks

    Lack of a centralized platform makes it difficult to manage fluctuations in demand without manually provisioning and configuring servers

Presenting DXchange

An enterprise-grade data integration platform that provides seamless connectivity among all your cloud and on-premise systems. DXchange helps you integrate applications quickly, automates key business processes and makes it easier to access to critical data WHEN you want, HOW you want.

  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Cloud-native (Hosted on AWS)
  • Real-time monitoring and insights
  • Flexible pricing based on usage
  • Cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and ground-to-ground integration capabilities

Top Benefits to your Organization

  • 360° Business View

    Consolidates data across your cloud & on-prem systems to provide a unfied view of your customers & business as a whole
  • Cross-platform Integration

    Microservices based architecture provides the flexibility to integrate applications built on any platform for interoperability
  • Preserves IT Investments

    Maximize the value of your existing/legacy systems by integrating them with newer cloud applications & technologies
  • Faster Go-to-Market

    Minimize development time and launch digital solutions quicker to stay ahead of the competition
  • Omnichannel Experiences

    Access valuable customer data previously hidden in siloes and deliver personalized experiences across all digital channels
  • Helps Monetize your Data

    Unlock new revenue streams by exposing your data through APIs to private and public entities in your ecosystem

Industry Applications

  • Insurance

    Insurance consumers and employees want more seamless access to information cutting across systems where all relevant information is just a click away – as if they were in paper format on their desk – to be analysed and shared seamlessly.

    DXchange helps insurance companies and TPAs integrate information from multiple sources and provide unified access to information thus allowing insurers and innovative startups to deliver value added components in the insurtech space. It allows a drastic simplification of process management across systems and has a direct positive impact on key performance indicators, such as the average handle time or decisions quality. It promotes the concept of Insurance as a platform.

  • Banking

    To accommodate the demand for more automated transacting and payment settlement as well as increased integrations between the new digital world and the installed legacy systems, the banking sector has started adopting microservices, federations of distributed multi clouds, on premises applications and containerized functions.

    Banks and other financial services providers gain new flexibility and speed with the DXchange integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Easily and quickly build interoperability across legacy environments, cloud applications, and fintech systems to meet the financial industry’s most acute business challenges, speed up response to market changes, protect against risk, and create data-driven insights by seamlessly connecting the critical information across the enterprise.

  • Travel

    Travel organizations typically use different systems for itinerary and quotation management, reservations, customer management, accounting reconciliation with suppliers etc. DXchange helps them connect all these disparate systems and make the experience as seamless as possible for suppliers, agents and travellers alike.

    From reservations to accounting, customer management to loyalty programs – all the key business processes can be centrally managed with the help of our integration platform, allowing travel providers to make the concept of ‘The Connected Trip’ a reality.

  • IoT

    IoT DXchange can be used as the platform to connect and integrate all different information flowing from connected devices and machines and expose the same into a series of APIs/interfaces enabling building of applications that allow users to manage and monitor the information either through mobile or the web.

    DXchange enables the technology innovators to realize concepts such as ambient assisted living, on demand mass personalization, consumer-grade services orchestration, energy and life management, intelligent building integration and can even help in smart cities architectures support.

  • Government

    DXchange can help Government agencies modernize their legacy IT systems by integrating new and more sophisticated software products built by third parties with their existing IT infrastructure. This can be in areas of taxation or services provided by the governments. The aim is to provide more choice for customers, and allow third-party developers to support intermediaries.

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